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I fucking hate Phoebe Tonkin and Hayley so fucking much. She brags about being "healthy" when she's really underweight. She has an unhealthy body image, and also she thinks that girls need "role models" like Hayley to look up to. Gross. I have never hated a character as much as I hate Hayley Marshall.



This is what baffles me. It is painfully obvious how thin she is, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to go as far as to say she is anorexic by now. Her bones are sticking out, especially on her face. And look at her shoulders.. That is just sad. But I don’t particularly care if she is anorexic, cause I find her repulsive, and I’m not interested in celebs and their weight issues so why should I be concerned? BUT. It’s very wrong how she flaunts her obsessive skinny phase and “healthy lifestyle” to younger fans, who defend her incessantly. If anyone dares mention how scarily unhealthy she is, say in an article or forum, a lot of younger girls and women rush to support her and claim she eats vegan so she must be on the right track.


I’m not hating on vegans or their lifestyle, but PT is NOT skinny ONLY because she is vegan. She has an eating disorder, and should have the general common sense to not point to herself when waxing on how she is very health conscious.

What also is disturbing to me.. All these young girls who comment on her annoying instagram selfies.. Consider her their idol. Let’s be real, she doesn’t give a fuck for any of them, but there’s so many of them who say they want to look just like her..

Yeah. She is grossly advocating in the worst possible way to a whole generation of teens and preteens what she considers as beautiful, and they are all behind her, it’s fucked up. I was horrified by her Comiccon pics and panels. Being skinny is fine, but that was beyond skinny.

Honestly, I can’t stomach TO, but I have seen clips, and PT’s voice, is earrape. Hayley is just a cum dumpster, I couldn’t agree more. I used to love and admire Elijah and spend hours analyzing him on forums, but there’s a scene where he comes back from somewhere, and ignores Rebekah, who is happy to see him, and Hayley gives him one of her super charged porno go go advances that must mean she is so female sexual power or some shit and Elijah crawls after her like a love starved unicorn.

So I am done with Elijah, who was one of the most promising and brilliant characters. I blame moon moon and her super hybrid witch powers. (Barf). I just can’t watch episode after episode of Elijah and Klaus being emasculated within an inch of their immortal lives.


It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. 
I feel like this needs some sort of fic with it… I’d attempt to write one but I can’t write at ALL ;).


It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.


I feel like this needs some sort of fic with it… I’d attempt to write one but I can’t write at ALL ;).


"Once Upon a Time, a Warrior Princess."

jfc, this is perfection!! omg, i love it sooooooo much. My two favorite women together in one video. i’m not freaking out. I totally am. Whoever made this, ily.

You didn’t have to wreck my feelings with video


Nature vs. Nurture

aka why i’m really no fun watching tv shows with

"Fine good and evil are both made.  In a factory.  The good and evil factory, down morality lane."

"Shut the fuck up, Zelena."

All you Hayley & Haylijah lovers please stop bombarding my ask box, you are only justifying my hatred towards them.